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Company profile
Position was established in the year 2007 out of the existing need of human resources services supplied as outsourcing. 
The process of sorting & placement is customized to the specific needs of the client (such as recruitment of a number of employees, intensive recruitment for startup companies under growth, or outsourcing recruitment process for permanent or part time position etc.).
Additional outsourcing services of human resources are supplied as replacement or part time jobs (replacement of an employee during her maternity leave, or providing human resources services to organizations that do not need a full time job of human resources managers).


The founder & manager of Position, Mrs. Salit Rom, has an MS.c degree in Organizational Psychology. She is very much experienced in enlisting, positioning and organizational consulting:

Accompanying personnel cut-off processes in enterprises

Employee assessment process

Leading processes of sorting and placement in a range of positions and organizations

Establishing & motivating human resources domain in organizations

Managing human resources in international organizations

Outsourcing services for recruitment process and managing human resources.

 Phone: 972-8-9456065, Fax: 972-76-5102212. cv@position-hr.co.il